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The following documents and videos should provide answers to many of your questionsIf you still aren't sure, please contact us.


IN∙SIGHT Tearoff Instructions (VIDEO)


IN∙SIGHT Tearoff Instructions (Print)

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IN∙SIGHT Tearoff Fit Chart

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Ultra∙Shield Tearoff™ Fit Chart

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Seat Measurement Form

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Restraint System Information

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SFI Guide to Mounting Belts

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Sprint Car Safety Video: Mounting a Seat and Seat Belts

by: Speed Media Productions


SFI Labels Handout

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Why Tearoffs do not work on all helmets.

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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and some of the most popular forms needed to inform you on our products.

  • Why do the seats show "IN STOCK"   but also say there is a lead time?

                The way the shopping cart on our website works, we must show a product “IN STOCK” or it cannot be added to the cart.  If it is marked “OUT OF STOCK”, all buying options are blocked and the price is hidden.  We show “IN STOCK” and give you the estimated lead time in order for you to be able to purchase a seat online and have your order placed in the lineup.  Some styles of seats may be in stock at many dealer locations across the USA, UK and Australia.  If you need a seat sooner than our lead time, we may be able to direct to you to a dealer that has one in stock. You may also browse our Find A Dealer page and see the description for each dealer, listing the most popular products they carry.

  • I placed an order online, but I don’t see the charge on my Credit Card.

                When placing an order with us, your card information is stored on a secure payment site, we are given a location on the administration side of this page, where we can click “Charge Now” .  We cannot see any card information, only the Shipping & Billing Address, Phone Number and Email address you provide.  Your card is not charged until we click the “Charge Now” button on our end.  This way if an item was out of stock, or changes are made to the order, we can adjust the total and charge the correct amount without having to make multiple orders.

  • If I need to have a seat customized to fit me, what do I need to do, and how much extra is the cost?

              If you need a custom seat, the first thing you need to do is download our Seat Measurement Form and fill it out completely.  We will not automatically bill you for  a custom seat, we wait for your go-ahead.  Please read and follow all the instructions on the chart, all measurements are “Straight-Line” measurements, do not bend the measuring tool, it is always better for someone else to measure the person needing to be fitted.   After you have the measurements, send the form by email ( or FAX 903-894-3212, or mail the form (Ultra Shield Race Products, 19313 US Highway 69 S. , Flint, TX 75762).  We will look at your measurements, let you know if something looks off, and suggest the best fit for you.   The additional cost starts at $100-$200 depending on size and model of seat.         

  • How do I know if I need a custom seat?

        If you are unsure if you need a custom seat or what size seat you need, download and fill out the Seat Measurement Chart Below.  Send the measurements to ( and we can let you know which size fits best. As a general rule seats fit as the following:

Junior - Hip & Rib width Sizes from 11" to 14"; Shoulder Belt Height at 18" standard; 11" is the narrowest we can safely make.  Anything narrower and we cannot get the welding equipment inside the seat for a proper weld.

Small Adult - Hip & Rib Sizes from 13", 14", and 15" Standard; 11 & 12 by special order only. Shoulder Belt Height at 21";

Adult - Hip & Rib Width Sizes from 14" to 18"; Shoulder Belt Height at 25", 

Seats with the 1" Tall Option - 1" Taller ABOVE the rib supports, Shoulder belt height, Shoulder supports, head, and head supports are adjusted  1" taller. 

  • How can I identify my seat to get a new cover?

    There is a part number placed on the back of all of our seats.  If yours is missing, take a picture of the seat and email to  (  We can identify the seat and let you know if covers are available for that model and what the cost and lead time will be.  We typically can make covers for seats up to 10 years since they were discontinued.  We cannot make covers for many custom seats without the seat on hand.  Even then the seat must be within the 10 years since that style was discontinued.   If the seat has rubber trim anywhere, the seat was built prior to the year 2000, no covers are available.  If the original cover has a yellow Ultra Shield patch, or the seat has a yellow Ultra Shield Decal, the seat was made prior to 2003, covers are not available. Starting September 2022, seats now have the part number engraved on the seat, behind the top of the seat cover.  If your seat was built after September 2022, and is not engraved, it was a CUSTOM made seat.

  • Mounting a Seat and Seat Belts - VIDEO

    This YouTube Video by Speed Media Productions, featuring : Eric Walls - ALL STAR SPRINT CAR SERIES ; Dave Sharpley - Sharp Advantage Safety Products  ; and Daryn Pittman - World of Outlaws Sprint Car Driver, shows the best way to mount your seat and seat belts in a sprint car.  Click Here for the Video : Sprint Car Safety Video