Fall Promo: free shipping on orders of $99 or more with PROMO CODE FALL2021 

Fall Promo: free shipping on orders of $99 or more with PROMO CODE FALL2021

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Due to a large volume of seats on order, please allow 17-18 weeks before seat ships. Call us and we may can locate through one of our dealers.

Product Description

New for 2019!

• Designed for Miatas but great for Drag Racing and other Road Race Applications.

• Constructed from .100" 5052 Aluminum

•  20º Layback

• C-Channel Stiffener around torso

• Reinforced shoulders and thighs and Halo

• Bottom is 15 inches deep

• 1-peice design allows for fitting into tighter spaces.

• Head Supports are equal length (short side mirrored on right) for better visibility as a driver or passenger seat.

• Available in sizes 14 through 18 in 1/2" sizes.

• Compatible with 5-Point and 6-Point harness systems as well as HANS and other head and neck restraints

• High Density closed cell, impact absorbing foam in head and Halo

• Full cover available in 5 colors, Black, Red, Blue, Gray or Purple

• Stripes covers available in all 5 colors ($30)

• Powder Coat your sea, for $125, Semi-Gloss Black, Flat Black, Red, Blue, White, Neon Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Purple. Helps prevent the oxidation of the aluminum and makes the seat easier to clean off after each race.

• Made in Flint, TX USA

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